A-Code Blog Uncategorized Importance of Digital Inclusion and Data Rights

Importance of Digital Inclusion and Data Rights

Digital Empowerment Foundation in collaboration with Barefoot College organized training to introduce the participants to topics such as Data rights and Digital inclusion. The vast majority of pupils belong to the age group of 20 to 45 and are the community representatives of their districts located in Rajasthan. Before initiating the training, a baseline survey was conducted to know how much the participants knew about the topics. This surely was beneficial for both the students and the trainer, as it gave them a platform to interact with each other. Following the baseline survey, the trainer introduced the topics to the pupils and designed the training in such a way that every student was actively participating. Undoubtedly, the course was helpful for all the students, as most of them are facing problems such as banking, business marketing, etc. This curriculum opened a new avenue for all the participants, as all of them were keen to immediately include the internet in their daily lives. Mr. Ramesh (one of the students) stated that “ I will design a catalog of my products and would try and sell them on various online platforms.”

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