April 24, 2024

About the Initiative


A-CODE believes that artistic expression offers effective values and reasonable opportunities for discussion, criticism, knowledge, experience sharing, imagination, hope and healing; all invaluable tools for individuals and communities to imbibe into the lives they lead. A-CODE aspires to believe that artistic expressions and activities are an integral part of everything that we do and are effective in addressing social change.


A-CODE is not an organization nor is it a legal body but it is a network and collective of civil society organizations hosted by Digital Empowerment Foundation as a host and secretariat.


The idea of A-CODE is to have the Collective work together to have dialogues, meetings, engagements, webinars, seminars, conferences, podcasts, broadcast, research, celebrate, on the topics of contention as explained in 12 sectors through artistic forms and expression like paint, write, film, music, culture, design, social media and also through various forms of tradition, heritage, folk, and dance for a peaceful human coexistence.

Activities and Methodology

A-CODE proposes to work through fellowship of community representatives proposed either by the organizations of the collective or by their nomination or through call for application. Create Fellowship through the nomination process of A-CODE collective members, and through fellowship inspire activities and experiences.

In the years 2022-24, A-CODE would like to bring in its collective to have following activities:
  • Organize and support Webinars, Seminars, Dialogues, Conferences, Publications, Meetings
  • Organize and support Podcast, Videocast, Broadcast, and Social Media
  • Organize and support Cultural Fest inclusive of Folk, Art, Heritage, etc.
  • Conduct and support Research and Writing on issues of public interest under 12 thematic sectors
  • Organize and support Storytelling through all forms of artistic expression and medium
Network Building

In order to keep a strong bonding among the cohort and collective members, A-CODE would conduct regular and periodic meetings, get together and also build a repository of individual work that falls under the framework of A-CODE.

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