A-Code Blog Uncategorized CNX- Community Network Xchange is an annual event of digital rights & access for marginalised

CNX- Community Network Xchange is an annual event of digital rights & access for marginalised

Community Network Xchange (CNX) enters its seventh year in 2023. CNX Asia Pacific was first organized in 2017, with a focus on bringing together community network practitioners and enthusiasts of community-driven Internet connectivity to exchange ideas and serve as catalysts for the grassroots connectivity movement. This year’s CNX is a collaborative effort by Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF), the Internet Society (ISOC), and the Council for Social & Digital Development in partnership with the Global Digital Inclusion Partnership (GDIP) and the Art and Collective for Digital Empowerment (A-CODE), along with several communities of practice.

The theme for the 7th CNX in 2023, centered on the Asia Pacific region, revolves around “Connecting Indigenous and Mountain Communities.” This two-day event will take place in the Northeast Region of India and will spotlight the stories of dedicated network builders on the ground. It will emphasize how their unwavering commitment and passion play a pivotal role in extending Internet access to their respective communities.

Furthermore, CNX 2023 will focus on addressing last-mile accessibility, connectivity, and services for indigenous, tribal, hilly and mountain communities. The event will showcase the stories, challenges, and successes of diverse community networks from different parts of the world. Through these events, we intend to bridge the network divide in hilly, tribal, indigenous, and mountain communities and connect communities that have remained unconnected. This will involve promoting different variations of community networks, highlighting the role of women in community networks, and exploring the involvement of telecom service providers and ISPs in extending connectivity to the last mile.

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