June 17, 2024

The Mango Eating Party

Rasapuri, Mallika, Balaji, Sindoora, Badami. These are some of the names of the mangoes we currently get in the markets of Mysuru. Summer marks the entry of the hot scorching sun, holidays and mangoes. Mangoes and holidays are the nostalgic affairs of many. Day by day, year by year, we are witnessing the decline in that childhood interest. With growing age and responsibilities, the joy of eating mangoes has long been forgotten to be enjoyed. Mango as a fruit has always been our culture and heritage. Mango, which was once a fruit of riches in ancient times, travelled down to Kerala as Maanga. The Portuguese, fascinated by the taste of the fruit, took the fruit to the world. The same mango is called maavu in Karnataka. And to celebrate this delicious fruit, the heritage and the re-find the joy of eating mangoes in the summer with friends, Heritage House organized a mango tasting and sharing event on Sunday 14th May 2023.  

The event was called ‘Mysuru maavu maja’, which means Mysuru mango fun. The event was open to the public, to all mango lovers. As a twist in the tale, there was an entry condition put in for everyone who walked in. 1-kilo mango fruit of any variety, per person. The event began with music by a local singer to add some elements of music and engagement for the day. People of various age groups, along with kids gathered in the courtyard space of the heritage house, put the mango they had got individually and enjoyed eating different varieties.  

The mango party also had the presence and participation of Mr. Osama Manzar, the esteemed founder-director of Digital Empowerment Foundation, who had come with a bag of farm-grown, chemical-free mangoes, which was one of the agendas of the event; to encourage people to use chemical free organic products, and Mr. Rajen Varada, the Vice Chairperson of IHCNF.  

During the event, Mr. Osama recited the lines from the famous poet Mirza Galib and told the story of Galib’s and his love for the mangoes.  

The mango party also had a small show of flowing art by Chandrapraksh and Farhan. The event started around 3.30 PM and ended at 6.30 PM, which witnessed the gathering of around 100 mango lovers. Many of the participants shared interesting stories about mangoes, trivia, and their connection with mangoes since childhood. A few of the mango lovers had got the homemade mango delicacies and shared them with the rest. The event ended with the delighted faces of people post mango fun and a little bit of dancing.