Internet and Data Rights" />
May 23, 2024

Internet and Data Rights

By Digital Empowerment Foundation

Data rights takes the centre stage in many intellectual and political debates but hardly percolates into the social interactions of the common public. Realising the need for every digital user to be aware about their data rights, sessions are being held to spread the message.

The internet and data has meshed intricately with our lives and plays a major role in the way we live. There is a great need in educating the common people about their data rights so that we use them in the right way and avoid misuse. Although data is important in developing better systems, misuse of it can lead to grave situations that will further demand attention to resolve. Hence, it is important for everyone to stay updated about it.

Kisan Trust and Digital Empowerment Foundation conducted a session on data rights on 11th October, 2022 in Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh. The intention of holding this session at the Community Information and Resource Centre (CIRC) was to create awareness among the rural youth about the data rights along with stressing on the need to stay vigilant on usage of social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. The session included an introduction about the organisations, their work, participants and the CIRC.

Key issues on data rights were covered during the session:

The internet has changed our lives in every way imaginable from the way we communicate to the very way we think.

The expansion of the dependency on the internet has affected many aspects of your lives which is going to continue or heighten.

Means and tools of data collection.

Types of data, public or private.Importance of data.Consequences of providing personal data.

Is there infringement of our personal information without our consent?

Harmful impact and usage of our data.

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