June 17, 2024

Chapter Seventy: Let’s Millet

The UN has announced that 2023 would be the ‘Year of Millet’. What are millets, how do they differ from our more commonly used grains, and why should we focus on these grassy crops? This week’s TypeRight takes a look, and talks about what we at DEF the relationship and plan with the “digital” and what to do on the Year of Millets.

Millets are part of a group of grassy, small-grained cereal crops with around 6,000 varieties. There’s a chance everyone has come across at least one variety of this in their diet, or at least as fodder. One can trace civilisations as old as the Indus Valley and Babylonia to be growing some variant of a millet, making it one of the oldest cultivations known in history.

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