Inception Meeting
The inception meeting for the A-CODE initiative was held on the 11th of May, 2022. All the members of the cohort attended the ZOOM meeting that was moderated by Osama Manzar. The meeting gave an opportunity for all the members to share their views and how they would be able to contribute towards the initiative.

Further, tasks were assigned according to the strengths of the member organisations, as they would be able to have a better impact on the initiative. The fellows actively participated in the meeting and provided their valuable knowledge and experiences to move ahead in the right direction towards finding ways to enhance collaboration among civil society orgainzations that are working in different sectors and advocating for a more pivotal role in the inclusion of the arts in social change.

Webinar on Privacy, Data Rights and Data Justice
Two webinars were conducted which included five participants. This research initiative is trying to look into data justice, talk about its intersections with social justice and expand its concerns to the issues of the Global South. This series of conversations intend to have cross-cutting dialogues with people who make policies, developers who develop the systems, and the community impacted by the AI systems. This webinar was an eye opener for the participants and beneficial for the A-CODE fellows to have a better understanding about the policies.
CNX 2022 – Series II
Streamed live on Jul 29, 2022 Session II of Community Network Xchange 2022 – Walking the Talk with Internet, Community & Networks.
CNX 2022 – Series III
Streamed live on Aug 29, 2022 CNX 2022 Session III – Frugal Technologies and Communities of Practice
CNX 2022 – Series IV
Streamed live on Sep 29, 2022 Community Networks – Scaling up Solutions and Sustainability