CNX was born with the vision to constantly empower communities, especially marginalised and information-dark communities throughout Asia Pacific Region, with the power of information and know-how of community networks. The theme for CNX 2021 is “Community Networks for Social Good”. Within this overall theme, six sub-themes will reflect on the importance of community networks in accelerating reach and providing help to the communities to respond to COVID-19 but as well to benefit from digital opportunities. Read More


The 52 Parindey Fellowship is an 18 weeks long programme for youth exploring alternative livelihood paths and dreaming of a sustainable, equitable, and just world. It is a leadership journey designed and co-created by the fellows and Travellers’ University. The fellowship will serve as an immersive on-ground learning experience for the fellows to explore meaningful and regenerative livelihoods (Alivelihoods) by travelling, living with and documenting the life journeys of Alivelihood practitioners (Parindeys) engaged in socially and ecologically conscious pursuits. Read More


The Covid-19 induced lockdown has brought India’s tourism industry to a grinding halt. Rural communities have lost their livelihoods, supply chains have been disrupted and alternate income streams have thinned. Voices of Rural India is an effort to turn this unprecedented crisis into an opportunity to create alternate livelihoods by upgrading digital skills in rural India, while also preserving grassroots knowledge that is slowly disappearing. In the short-term, Voices of Rural India aims to create a revenue stream for affected communities through digital journalism. Read More


TypeRight- The Digital Nukkad, is a weekly conversational bulletin curated through the news and discussions on social media as well as what’s happening on the ground. Through the eyes and ears of Digital Empowerment Foundation across rural India and global south, TypeRight aspires to focus on bringing the contextual relevance of digital technologies and developments on the society – both connected and unconnected. This weekly bulletin ranges from topics related to freedom of expression and hate speech to privacy issues and the digital divide. Read More


The questions and formulations on data use, discourses and discussions on datafication in society, and the questions of data are currently limited to either security or privacy. The most unconnected people are facing several exclusions and data systems or AI/ML are increasing this. This research initiative is trying to look into data justice, talk about its intersections with social justice, and expand its concerns to the issues of the Global South. This series of conversations intent to have cross-cutting dialogues with people who make policies, developers who develop the systems, and the community impacted by the AI systems.