May 27, 2024

Festival of Digital Swaraj

The Festival of Digital Swaraj is a celebration of two decades of relentless efforts in bridging the digital divide and empowering marginalized communities through digital inclusion and access. The Digital Empowerment Foundation is proud to present a grand event in Mysore, commemorating our journey towards Digital Swaraj and our unwavering commitment to creating a digital revolution that leaves no one behind.

The following activities will be conducted at the Heritage House, Mysore on 23rd September, 2023:

Museum of Digital Society: Step into a world where history intertwines with digital. Experience an immersive journey that showcases our 20-year expedition in empowering communities across India. This interactive museum, spread across 2000 locations nationwide, will unveil the incredible transformation brought about by digital inclusion.

Digikargha Store Opening: Witness the unveiling of a remarkable store that pays homage to the skilled hands of our weaving communities. Digikargha creates a human-connect for artisans from marginalised communities who lack access to marketplaces and are doubly exploited by middlemen too. We bring to you their handcrafted and handmade products that reflect the rich traditions and artistic prowess of these communities. Your presence and support will encourage them and contribute to their empowerment

Digital Empowerment Stories: Through captivating movies, engaging conversations, and enlightening print materials, we will share inspiring tales of digital empowerment and inclusion. Learn how technology has been a driving force in enabling access, education, and opportunities for those who were once on the fringes of society.

Crafts Mela: A mela to celebrate the diverse arts and cultural heritage of the local artisanal community in Mysore. Explore the space where they showcase their art, talent and their strive towards cultural preservation through enabling arts and crafts.

DEF has always appreciated and valued your support, participation and contribution in our various development initiatives. Hence, we would like to extend a graceful invite to you from all of DEF’s community to join the day. To be part of this momentous occasion, please register at

For further information, updates, and inquiries, please visit our official website or contact us at 9711727357.

Let’s come together to celebrate 20 years of digital empowerment, honor the legacy we’ve built, and set the stage for an even brighter future of inclusion, equality, and progress.

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