September 27, 2023

Digital Citizen Summit 2023

The 4th Digital Citizen Summit 2023 is an annual event to be held in Hyderabad in November, 2023, aimed at addressing the challenges and opportunities of digitalization in India. The summit focuses on the concept of digital commons, aiming to enable digital citizenship through inclusive access, responsible use, and accountable governance of digital resources and spaces. It aims to bring together scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and affected communities to discuss and develop strategies for enhancing digital democracy, protecting digital human rights, and promoting digital empowerment and development. The summit seeks to define solutions and frameworks that ensure equal access, privacy, and freedom of speech online while addressing the issues of misinformation and disinformation. It also aims to showcase international best practices in digital governance and provide a platform for India to deliberate and draft policy frameworks, form new cohorts, and work on digital inclusion and internet governance. The proposed themes for the summit include the internet as a digital common, privacy and data protection, methods of investigation related to the internet and society, frontier technologies in India, participatory governance, digital governance, regulation of digital technologies, and open-source technologies as public goods. The summit will feature workshops, panel discussions, and paper presentations to facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration among stakeholders. It aspires to transform digital resources and spaces into inclusive, democratic, equitable, and sustainable digital domains in India.

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