May 28, 2024

Digital Citizen Summit 2023- Register Now

The Digital Citizen Summit 2023, set for November 2-4, 2023 at Hyderabad’s T-Hub, is a global event spanning three days. It will feature keynote addresses, panel discussions, paper presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities. The core objective of this Summit is to provide valuable insights into the digitalization challenges encountered by India and nations worldwide in their pursuit of a more inclusive and equitable society. This event is designed to foster collaboration, stimulate innovation, and deepen our understanding of the digital realm.

The Summit pledges to be a stimulating and inspiring experience, enabling participants to share their thoughts, experiences, and viewpoints on technology’s societal impact. Attendees will gain knowledge from top experts, connect with like-minded peers, and explore creative solutions to global challenges. To participate, please complete the registration form.

Once registered, your spot at the Digital Citizen Summit 2023 will be secured for November 3 and 4, 2023. You may also choose Food Passes, available at a subsidized rate, providing unrestricted food access without compromising quality. You could also sponsor Food Passes for other participants attending the Summit. Passes are limited and non-refundable but can be transferred at the organizing team’s discretion. Please register for the summit with your information, and we will contact you with further details.

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